Investing in professional circus entertainment offers a captivating and awe-inspiring experience that is unparalleled in its impact. Behind every breathtaking performance lies countless hours of dedicated practice and meticulous skill development. Josie dedicates herself to honing her craft, mastering intricate maneuvers, and perfecting gravity-defying acts that leave audiences mesmerized. 


Choose the perfect performance package that resonates with your vision, and I'll handle the enchanting details. With an array of dazzling à la carte options waiting to be added, you'll have the artistic freedom to craft a spectacle that perfectly suits your whims and those of your entourage. No matter your decision, rest assured that I'm your dedicated ringmaster, guiding you through the world of circus. From daring juggling feats to clown marvels and balloon artistry, I'll be your steadfast companion, ensuring your circus-inspired dreams come alive under the big top of your event.

Let's Party! 

Perfect for kids birthday parties this package includes:

* 30min choreographed and interactive juggling show

* 30min your choice of: balloons, juggling lesson, "hora loca" or bubbles


Just Balloons!

Ideal for fairs and events where other activities are happening simultaneously. Includes:

* High quality latex balloons

* Design board for guests to choose from  

* Dad jokes


*2hr minimum 

Juggling Only!

Just want a juggling show or stage act? This is the package for you, it includes:

* Ball/Club Juggling

* Multiple choreographed acts for you to chose from 

*Costuming to fit any theme


Roving Character

Enchant your guests with unique juggling feats and moments of laughter and connection. 

* 1hr of Strolling entertainment

* Guest participation and interaction 

* Variety of character options to fit you vibe 


á lá carté options

These options can be added to any of the above packages - make your event your own!

30min Juggling Lesson - $75

Face painter - $150

Custom costume - $100 

Balloon sculpture for guest of honor - $65

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